Monday, April 23, 2007

Introducing The Victory Rule

I love the way Anita Moore over at V for Victory handles herself. So much so, that I am stealing (with her permission, of course) her rule for posting comments on her blog. We're calling it the Victory Rule. It will be permanently set in the sidebar.

(EDIT) Since more and more people are using this as their rule for commenting, please give Anita Moore credit by referring to it as the Victory Rule. Thanks, and feel free to use it on your own blog.

I welcome comments, including comments critical of me. However, I am the Queen and Tyrant of this blog, and as such, I have the absolute right to not publish any comments that I find objectionable for whatever reason, including, but not limited to, vileness, colossal stupidity, or failure to stick to the subject of a post. Though some of you may not believe it, I may neglect to publish comments for charitable reasons, namely, to prevent the commenter, who has failed carefully to read what he is commenting on, and/or not thought his words carefully through, from further embarrassing himself. Furthermore, I do not owe anyone explanations as to why I have not published a comment. And if I fail to apologize for something I said that you don't like, you may assume I stand by what I said.

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Catholig said...

Nice picture of Mary. :)