Friday, December 29, 2006

Bloodthirsy Tyrant or Martyr?

Saddam Hussein, the dictator who showed no mercy, wants to die a martyr's death. He believes his death will be a true sacrifice for his country, the country he tore apart with murder and crimes against humanity. People from all over Iraq are applying to be the hangman who tightens the noose, as the justice employees are too terrified to carry out the task.

Will Saddam confess to his crimes or ask forgiveness of God and his people? Since being sentenced to death last month, he has appealed for reconciliation among Iraqis, and his lawyers posted his final letter to the Iraqi people, urging them to love one another. He will be granted a last meal, a cigar and the opportunity to visit with loved ones, but did Saddam grant that ceremony to his many victims whose lives he snuffed out as though they were worthless and insignificant citizens of his own country?

Still, as Catholics, we are called to pray for his soul, as Terry Nelson reminds us. Let God be his judge.

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