Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Attraction Of the Tridentine Mass

Last week I was blessed to be able to attend the Mass of the ages at the SSPX church in Calgary. Today it was back to my Novus Ordo church. What a difference! There were so many distractions, that I had difficulty keeping my focus.

The mystery and the sacredness of the Latin Mass are very attractive to me, and I felt like I had stepped into another world last Sunday, a world where I was surrounded by reverence and holiness, where the secret to piety is held in the sacred traditions of the Catholic Church.

The empty shell of the Novus Ordo leaves me wanting more. Yes, Jesus is present on the altar, but the holy sacrifice has become a communal meal, and the laity need to be involved in the Mass, to the point of obscuring the role of the priest.

My feet are in the Novus Ordo church because of where I live, but I know where my heart is.


Anonymous said...

Ecxacty! after being confirmed by the bishop there, which left a truly remarkable impression upon myself, it makes one appreciate and realize just how holy the traditional Mass really is!

antonia said...

But the SSPX have schismed off the Catholic Church!!

The Tridentine Mass is indeed very beautiful...but I think it is better to go to a Novus Ordo Mass that is at least in communion with the Holy See, than a 'more reverant' Tridentine Mass done by the SSPX who are rebelling against Rome.

We are lucky in England to have a number of Churches that celebrate the Tridentine Mass with permission from the Bishop.

God Bless

paramedicgirl said...

SSPX are not in perfect communion with Rome, and there is much hope for their reconcilliation. Reverent NO Masses are very few and far between, and they are so full of liturgical abuses, that it is good to go to a Tridentine Mass when one can find one. Attending an SSPX Mass is not a sin, if that's what you mean.


Hmmm. My advice would be to get to a so called 'Indult' Mass in the Traditional liturgical form.

paramedicgirl said...

Indolent server, you must be from somewhere where you have access to the indult Mass. I'm not. And at any rate, my NO priest said it was fine to attend the SSPX Mass for that occassion. He saw no problem with it, and I did discuss it with him.

People who have easy access to an indult Mass should give thanks to God for their blessings, and pray for those of us who don't.