Sunday, January 28, 2007


I can't help but wonder if this is a misprint in the first sentence of this atricle:

Pope Benedict XVI called on the Vatican's top Rota court today to keep making annulments of marriage the exception and maintain Church traditions that rule out de facto unions.

Shouldn't that say START MAKING? Think about it...more annulments have been granted in the last fourty years than ever before, and the Pope is calling us back to the traditional teachings of the Church. It's gotta be a misprint.


Anita Moore said...

I dunno, P.G. Given society's warped view of marriage, coupled with the kookburger theology too prevalent among too many clergy who run marriage prep programs -- not to mention all the Catholics who marry outside the Church without a dispensation -- I'm prepared to believe that there may really be a lot of invalid marriages out there. I can't rule out the possibility that tribunals are more lax these days, but I also can't rule out the likelihood that the problem is a lot bigger than just the tribunals.

paramedicgirl said...

You're right. I personally know many couples who have had no marriage preparation whatsoever. If they aren't prepared spiritually for marriage and don't get God's sacramental blessing, then they probably haven't thought the whole thing through. Maybe that's part of the reason for the huge number of annulments that have been granted.

Let's hope, anyway, that they are not just being rubber-stamped. We have to trust in the Church, right?

Michael Leggett said...

80% of all worldwide Annulments are in this country(USA):

1 Diocese(Brooklyn)became noted for the ease of getting an annulment, unto the point where people with money & influence, moved to Brooklyn, just to have a marriage annulled.