Monday, January 22, 2007


Here's a little joke for you. It's funny, but the sad part is, I heard it during, or should I say, in place of, a homily at Mass. (What was that again that Cardinal Ratzinger said about not making the Mass entertainment)?

A woman told her husband she was going out window shopping. Her husband reminded her not to buy anything they couldn't afford, since they were living on a shoestring budget, barely making ends meet. She assured him she would only window shop and not make any purchases. In a store window, she saw the most beautiful red dress she had ever laid eyes on. It would look perfect on her, she thought. "What's the harm if I just try it on?" she said to herself. She did just that, and when she left the store, she was carrying her new purchase home with her. Of course, her husband asked her what made her succumb to the temptation when he had expressly reminded her not to spend any money. She said it was just too tempting to pass up. The husband said, "That was the devil tempting you, and you know it. Didn't you say, Get thee behind me, Satan?"

The wife said, "Oh yes, of course I did. But the devil said, It looks good from behind, too."


Marilena said...

you know, this post reminds me of the immodest clothing thread it posted at CAF. i wonder, did the devil tell the woman in qiestion that she looked good to when she attended mass in pants that were practically sprayed on?

Anonymous said...

And did her children ask her if the dress was made in China? Mine would.

Michael Leggett said...

Well, as it was intended to tell a story, abeit humorous, it could've waited until after Mass.

paramedicgirl said...

Michael, you're right. The story should ahve been told in the parish hall after Mass. I can't imagine standing at the foot of the cross and joking about being tempted by the devil, as Jesus is hanging there dying. That's what the priest was doing in effect. Some people tend to forget that the Mass is a sacrifice and not a meal. The last fourty years have blurred the lines of distinction a whole lot.