Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Cure That Never Was

This story was published in a back issue of the Wanderer, and related by Fr. George Rutler, who had been Mother Theresa's convent chaplain.

An Aids victim pleaded with Mother Theresa as she made her rounds in the hospice, to pray for a cure for Aids. Mother Theresa replied, "I have already prayed to God for healing for Aids, and God's answer to me was "the one I sent to you was aborted in his mother's womb"


Simon-Peter said...

I'm going to be sick (again),

Anita Moore said...

And yet...we dare not cut down any "rain forest" (commonly known, back on Planet Earth, as A JUNGLE), because the cure for AIDS might lurk in a plant that's about to become extinct because of man's predations. Babies, however, are fair game.

Michael Leggett said...

Fr Rutler is a former Anglican Priest, who sounds like an Englishman, as he had graduated from Oxford:

BTW, he's originally from Paterson, NJ, in the NY Metro Area & has appeared on EWTN.