Friday, February 02, 2007

Makes Sense to Me

I'm not really a football fan, but I hope they win. Any team who goes to Mass before the big game's gotta have God on their side!

Bears chaplain looks forward to saying Mass for players on game day
ROMEOVILLE, Ill. (CNS). Amid the media hype at Super Bowl XLI Feb. 4 in Miami, at least eight players and coaches from the Chicago Bears were expected to spend about 30 minutes on bended knee the morning of game day as Scalabrinian Father Nick Marro, Bears chaplain, celebrated Mass at the players' hotel.


Dr. Bombay said...

Ah, good. I wasn't planning on cheering for the Dolts anyway. Peyton Manning just bugs. Seriously.

paramedicgirl said...

I wasn't even planning on watching it. First, I don't watch TV. Second, I gotta study all day for a course I'm taking! You can let me know who wins! I'm just glad they're going to Mass.

Micki said...

As an Indiana Catholic I hope the Colts pray also. Two fantastic teams...can't decide which one I really want to win. As long as we don't hear about the "Hail Mary Pass".....that's Notre Dame ownership.

Anita Moore said...

Da Bearss...I guess now I have to root for them, even though I frankly don't give a silver-plated rat's padoo about football.

Anonymous said...

I got tickets to the Bears-Packers game in 2000 through the Bears chaplain. I know the chaplain for the White Sox and he said Mass for the team the Saturday evening before the game. He got the tickets but he didn't want to go because it was on a Sunday night in December. I got the tickets early Sunday morning and went to the game that night. Packers won 28-6 which was great for me because I'm a Packers fan. It was the third Bears-Packers game I saw in person and the first time the Packers won.