Thursday, February 15, 2007

What To Do?

Anyone else ever get this error message with the new Google Blogger?


Simon-Peter said...

Are you running a firewall? What OS are you running?

paramedicgirl said... missed the "humour" label, didn't ya?? :)

Jeffrey Smith said...

Oh, my. There are times when I'd like to. On several blogs, including my own.

paramedicgirl said...

Yeah, me too Jeffrey. When I came across this site, it was too good to pass up!

Simon-Peter said...

yep I did...thing is, I know some people have been mean to you, and one of the tricks of the less malignant tricksters, is to contaminate your OS with bogus warning can see where that leads? That's why I asked if yo has a firewall up, i get unfriendly pings all the time, even when I run an invisible ISP.