Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yes, Virginia, a Fetus is a Real Person

Finally, a fetus is recognized as a human being. A former youth pastor, (no, NOT Catholic), was sentenced to death for killing his pregnant 17 year old girlfriend and her unborn baby. While his lawyer claimed her client made some errors in judgment (ya think???), she didn't think he warranted the death penalty.

This marks the first death sentence in the murder of a fetus in Texas, since the law there amended its definition of the word "individual" to include an "unborn child at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth."

No surprise it happened in Texas. They're big on everything there, including the death penalty.


Anita Moore said...

Actually, wasn't Scott Peterson in -- of all places -- San Francisco sentenced to death for murdering his wife and unborn child?

There are other areas of the law in which unborn children are recognized as persons with legal rights -- for example, in the laws of inheritance (on which, by the way, I am not an expert). And of course, in at least some jurisdictions, you can be brought up on charges for causing the death of an unborn child, even if the mother lives.

It's a sign of our nutjob times that you can be charged with homicide for causing the death of an unborn child; but if you're an abortionist suctioning that same child in pieces out of its mother's womb, you are vindicating that woman's God-given, constitutionally guaranteed (though wholly undetected for nearly 200 years) rights.

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks, Anita, I corrected that part. Good to have a lawyer reading my blog!! :)

You're right, it is incredible that abortionists can suck the brains out of a living (but unborn) baby, and not be charged with murder. Where is the justice? At the judgment seat of God, I guess.

SnorterLuster said...

I just went over and read the coverage in the San Antonio Express-News and my reading is that he was convicted of killing the mother and the death of the fetus was a aggravating factor resulting in the death penalty. I don't know what the AP writer's agenda is, but her story, at best, is misleading. See the link to read the other coverage.