Thursday, March 15, 2007

From the Mail - the Mahony Conference

On March 8th, I posted the video of the closing Mass of the Mahony conference here, as well as on Catholic Answers forums. It got a lot of exposure that way, which is a good thing when the goal is to publicize liturgical abuses so that people can contact the proper Vatican authorities and bring them to light. One of the people the Catholic Answers thread attracted was the person who did the actual videotaping that I posted for all to see. She sent me a follow up email recently, and I have her permission to post it here - name withheld.

Thank you for posting the video on Catholic Answer Forums as well as your own blog. My husband and I have been attending this congress for at least 12 years. I do know that there will be more video footage coming out , not done by me but by someone else.

We pray daily for our Bishops and priests here in southern California. Many Catholics complain about this congress, but do nothing that can show proof of the abuses. It is very hard to video record the speaker workshops, you would need some sort of mini video camera. I have recorded with a tape recorder in previous years but it is very hard to get a clear recording. Many of the "controversial" speakers don't have their workshops recorded for sale.

Next year I am working with some friends to get a group to plan video recordings etc... This year was just a prompting from the Holy Spirit to video record. My husband got sick and he was supposed to do it. Instead I felt called to go anyways , my husband told me go and do it; try your best. Two friends came with me to be lookouts. We got there late because we have 15 children between us all and had to attend to their needs.

I will tell you this the liturgical dancing goes on throughout the Mass. I have seen it and so has everyone else who has attended these closing Masses at the congress. I do know that it took place this year, because there is video footage of it from the other person who was there videotaping. I tried to make a comment on The Catholic Answer Forum but it was blocked off from any more comments.

There are many Catholics out there who will try to dis what I have done, but I know I can stand before God and He knows my full intentions and my heart. Many priests are behind exposing these scandals by our videotaping. We must follow through and contact the Papal Nuncio and the authorities at the Vatican. Pray, fast and contact the authorities. Thank you for posting all that info .

God Bless,
name withheld

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