Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Marty's New Hymn - In Your Church on Sunday

If you have read my blog posts about the hymns that are forced on us in the Novus Ordo Mass, you all know how much I (don't) love Marty Haugen, and his insipid "Gather us In." I bet you're dying to hear more of his wishy washy, bland lyrics at your next Sunday Mass.

From the very talented Maureen Martin here is Marty's latest and not so greatest hymn.

In less time than it took him to order a Whopper with fries, Marty Haugen wrote the lyrics and melody yesterday for a new hymn he says is his best yet.

"'Gather Us In' has always been my personal favorite, but my newest hymn,'We are the Apples of Your Eye' really speaks from my heart, and the crazy thing is the words came to me while I was waiting in line at Burger King," Haugen said.

"They say fasting heightens spiritual awareness and it had been several hours since I had eaten anything. That's the only explanation I can think of for this new song," he said.

In fact, he got so into the writing process, a woman in the car behind him had to beep her horn to prompt Haugen to move to the second window and pick up his order. "I could tell she was getting impatient with me, and for a split second I wanted to give her the finger. But then the melody and lyrics of my new hymn just kind of washed over me, saying, "Marty, God loves you. God loves her. Just get your burger and give thanks."

Haugen's new hymn features all those subjects his fans have grown to love over the years: banquets, acceptance, stars, flowers and, of course, the moon. He even managed to work in a couple of lines about his new puppy, Sparky. "This song is about me, you, God and creation. It reminds us that God really regards his entire creation, and especially us, with wonder."


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO...except that probably wasn't really a parody, right?!

paramedicgirl said...

It is satire, Angela, but it pretty much sums up the banal tunes we are subjected to, don't you think?

Simon-Peter said...

That last line made me smile ear to ear.

I'm sure he does, I'm sure he does.

Fr. V said...

Once, in the seminary, we tried to make up a song poking fun at such music but found it impossible. It is so insipid that making fun was redundant.

Thanks for stopping by. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

PG ... I knew it was satire but it was thisclose to the truth.

paramedicgirl said...

You probably are subjected to the same Protestant tunes I am, Angela. After all, this is Can Church, run by the Confused Bishops by and large.

malleebull said...

I feel quite the opposite.

I find Marty's music very well crafted and for me - on a personal level - has brought renewal to my faith.

I am 32 years old.

I am a post-Vatican II Catholic and am very happy to be speaking with you about these liturgical issues.

I hold the view that our Communion is constituted by our difference.

Have a great day.