Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adoro Says it Best!

Here's an excellent post from Adoro te Devote that really speaks to the heart of how the feminizing of our churches has affected our faith, and in particular has led to mediocre and uninspiring worship, which fails to draw the interest of men by its very rejection of the traditional feminine qualities the Church has always possessed.

It's true that women have overtaken the positions within the Church, and Adoro speaks eloquently and truthfully when she say this:

Radical Feminism has penetrated and defiled the Church and has left her violated and bereft. Is there any surprise, then, that men are not engaging in worship? The very violence of the rape of the culture, the destruction of the feminine mystery, the propagation of death in secularity has invaded the Church and has violated us. Can we really be surprised that our Churches which have come to mimic secular "values" are no longer a haven to men or to women, but rather have become temples to the false idols of self-worship?

The whole post is well worth reading, to come away with a fuller understanding of how feminism has changed the way we believe, and affected the way we worship.


Adoro te Devote said...

Thanks for the link!

Although...um....it's "Adoro" as in "Adoro te Devote", the beginning of the same hymn by St. Thomas Aquinas, the conjugation of which means "I adore" :-)

I don't know why I see so many people reading it as "Adore", and I'm not exactly sure if that's a Latin conjugation or not. I know that if it were Spanish and had an accent on the "e" it would mean "I adored" (past tense).


Anyway, back to the topic...I'm so anti feminazi it's ridiculous. Radical feminism has destroyed all that is holy in favor of a political amoral agenda. Ticks me off because it's all such a lie and I bought into it and will never physically recover.

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks for letting me know about the spelling! I think you're right, a lot of us make that mistake.

I'm right with you there on the anti feminazi thing. Your topic was one that I had wanted to write on for a while, and now I don't have to!

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Interesting post. On it's face, I reject a good deal of it.

Men are nothing more than empty vessels to be filled up by women, whatever their "persuasion." We have no affinity for God, are not contemplative etc etc. Only with woman to lead us or mislead us are we anything or nothing.In otherwords, poor old men, without us to lead them by the nose (with or without a mantilla) where would we be?

As to the soul of the Church being Marian? The *Church* has no *soul*. The *Head* of the Church is Christ, we are incorporated into Him, He is a MALE...who was taken from whom in the first place? Eve out of Adam. The relationship between the Mytsical Body and Christ when described as Bride is anagogical, not literal! Good grief!

If anyone thinks what keeps me in the Church, or "attracted" me to the Church is this so-called inherent feminity, I want whatever they have been smoking. It is exactly the opposite! The Mass is feminine? Architecture feminine?


Anonymous said...

I don't think its an accident that some of the worst radical gender feminists have come from catholic colleges and universities.

The worst forms of catholicism endorse sexual self-loathing. So from the female perspective this starts with a fear of male sexuality as a yearning to deflower feminine virtue and stepwise escalates to men are evil. Then the worste of them seem to jump on a lesbian band wagon. It doesn't take long for such lesbians to realize that the reason they embraced celibacy or whatever was because they view all heterosexual sex as disgusting because they harbored homosexual self loathing from the start.

A case in point, Mary Daly:


paramedicgirl said...

I don't think its an accident that some of the worst radical gender feminists have come from catholic colleges and universities.

At the risk of sounding an alarm for a conspiracy theory, neither do I. But I believe we have different reasons for thinking so.

What better way to subvert the faith than from within? Of course, radical feminists and special agenda people will gravitate to positions of power within the very structure they wish to change.

Anonymous said...

I finally looked up how to add a link with an html tag. Mary Daly is a poster child for this issue, regardless of what we attribute the cause to. An example perhaps, of how conservative and progressive faithful ought to get along. A progressive tends to feel that Mary Daly was a repressed homosexual in the first place, and a consequence of some of our over-reaching prohibitions. A Conservative tends to feel that she is a consequence of our permissive ness. An ultramontane sort? I'm not sure. Perhaps the ultramontane would say Daly is a consquence of her own evil and the structre of the church has nothing to do with her.

Adoro te Devote said...

Simon Peter, that's not what I'm saying or what I'm implying at all. Sorry that's how you took it.

What I am trying to do is to emphasize how our surroundings, which should be sacred, affect us all, men and women both, and do men no favors. Because the post has more to do with how the misguidance of radical feminism, in the process of "feminizing" the Church, has stripped all that is holy out of it. (Cosmetically).

We need the cosmetic to aid us in the sacramental life, for those who have gone before us lead the way and help us understand true holiness.

Much of what I wrote there has to do with Theology of the Body.

It could be much more in depth and perhaps as I read TOB this summer and hopefully get to attend to some more info on it, the theme will be developed even further.

Do not take that post as a be-all-end-all to my opinion.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Yes, you should be sorry! ;-).

No, *I'm sorry*, you hit a raw nerve there!

Now, in terms of what you call the cosmetic (and I know what you mean)...it is actually essential. It is pride, the unwillingness to see that all the sensorial aids we have (or should have) are there for the purpose of:

1. Aiding our memory to stay recollected because our memories are disordered.
2. Aiding our intellect in so far as the aids TEACH and stimultate thought on the attributes of God and the Saints &c.
3. Aiding the will by stimulating it to adhere to what is b(B)eautiful and c(C)reative and s(S)solicitous for our welfare down to the smallest detail.

You are reading TOB? I think all catholics should read TOB in conjunction with a book called The Mystical Theology of the Body (and it's precursor, "The Whole Christ"). That way, we will all get the *whole* picture...

Adoro te Devote said...

Simon Peter, we ARE the Bride of Christ...we all have a part. And this relationship with Christ is a reflection of the human relationship of conjugal love.

I actually have not begun reading TOB yet. It's waiting for me to finish my paper for my current class (Writings of John Paul II), and then I will begin it. I also picked up Dr. Mary Healy's "Men and Women are from Eden" which is a study guide for TOB. I actually heard her speak last summer at a Bible Conference and know her knowledge to be solid. She's also an adjunct professor at AMU, to which I was officially accepted today for the IPT program! :-)

(I love good news)


I'm not familiar with the other titles...can you enlighten me?

As far as the "soul" of the Church, clearly I was being allegorical, but there is a certain "soul", and that is Marian. Refer back to the Wedding at Cana (I think it's John 2), Jesus is the Bridegroom, Mary is standing in for the Church as the Bride, prefiguring the Mystical Wedding to take place upon the Cross.

Thus, the feminine is so important in the Church. This also mimics biology; each ovum released is female, and needs a "Y" chromosome to make the child male. Thus even men have a female component to their nature.

Do you have Relevant Radio or Ave Maria radio where you are? Father Loya (or is it Loyola?) - a Byzantine Priest - discusses this every Thursday on Morning Air.

I've learned a lot from him.

Now, if I could only get my assigned paper done so as to move on to reading TOB instead of just being TAUGHT about what it says....

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

LOL! I know...my wife keeps blaming me (jokingly) that we have three girls and no boys (yet).

Oh, believe me, I know the feminine is important...actually, indispensible...no fiat mihi we're all toast...

Well, yes, all men have some woman in them, that's is where woman originate...and all women have some man in them...I cannot believe we even have to say this LOL.

I just took one of those crazy tests (I posted it I think a few days ago) that told me my brain was 47% female, 53% male...eh?


Well, I will post details of those two books in the next couple of days. They are hard to get...which is not surprising given they are the finest work ever done on the Mystical Body-The Bride of Christ, synthesizing as they do 2000 years of dogmatic and speculative theology. BTW not my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Relevant Radio, it has an online live stream, so no need to be "near" a station.