Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Great Canadian Game

I'm Canadian, so that makes me a hockey fan. I found this on Paul Nichol's blog, and couldn't pass it up! I'm rooting for the Vancouver Canucks, of course!

Why Hockey is the perfect Catholic Sport:

- The penalty box is called the "Sin Bin"
- If you do something really bad, it's a given that some serious
temporal punishment is coming your way.
- The gravity of your offense determines your time in the penalty box.
- They have a penalty called cross-checking.
- A Zamboni is like a "confession-mobile;" it cleans the ice of all
imperfections between periods.
- Blood is shed regularly.

And the #1 reason that Hockey is the perfect Catholic sport is:
- When you win it all, you get the "CUP".


Shirley said...


paramedicgirl said...

Oh, Shirley - two sisters at odds with each other! You mean the Flames actually made the playoffs? ;}

Michael Leggett said...

My version is called "Baseball & Catholicism":

& you get to chill to "The(Gregorian)Chant";

I list what is Tradition;

Then I list what's so Novus Ordo;

Chill to "Pange Lingua-Tantum Ergo";
Michaelum, Eh!

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Flamers? Who are the "Flamers"? Sounds a bit gay to me.

Go Canes. Well, maybe next year.

LOVE the Hockey. The best sport N. America has to offer...like rugby, and football (soccer) and cricket all rolled into one. SUPERB sport, it really is a cracker. Fast, hard, and...wonderful poise and control.

I don't care who wins so long as its not the Devils or Avalanche(vomit).

Er...go Wings!