Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Picture of Humility

I first saw this picture years ago, hanging in the local bakery, owned by Eastern European Catholics, and I always loved the humility of the old man who thanks God for his humble meal. I recently found it on eBay, and it's the only thing I have ever purchased from there. It came from Minnesota, and the freight cost more than the picture! I have it hanging in my kitchen.


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318@NICE said...

Growing up in a Lutheran home, we had that exact picture above the dinner table in the kitchen. I'm not sure where my parents got it, but my mother still has it in her new house. I love that picture. I remember as a little boy looking at it. I remember thinking to myself, I'm not sure who that man is, but he loves God. And it always reminded me to pray and thank God for the food he gave me before I started eating. But what I love the picture is that it brings out Christian humbleness, it is a simple meal, neat and orderly, modest clothes, perhaps that is the Bible there with his reading glasses set on it as if he just finished reading Scripture took of his glasses and is now praying before he partakes of the meal.
I always loved that picture. You know another Lutheran family, if I remember correctly had the corresponding picture of the man's wife facing him. She is also at prayer. This family had both pictures above their dinner tables.


marilena said...

very nice! my blog is up and running!


mojoala said...

What is the green book? And what is the emblem on it?

paramedicgirl said...

Hi mojoala, the green book is a Holy Bible, and there is a cross and a pair of eyeglasses sitting on the Bible. I'm pretty sure it's not a crucifix, though, it looks like a plain cross to me.