Saturday, April 21, 2007

What Was She Thinking?

What could possibly have motivated an elementary school teacher in the Vancouver area to have her students perform a mock massacre to mimic the deadly Virginia Tech shootings? Is she off her rocker? Sure she is regretful, and probably afraid for her job, now that she has to face the consequences of her extremely poor judgment. Having grade 6 and 7 students do a practice session of killing and mayhem isn't drama. It's frightening. Not to mention insensitive to the families of those who are grieving for their loved ones.

The teacher is reportedly expressing regret at her inappropriate actions. You don't say!


Lynne said...

A professor at Emmanuel College here in Boston did something similar. I believe the professor was trying to make the point however that perhaps if one/some of the students had a gun, they could have defended themselves.

Terry Nelson said...

Unfortunately, it sounds like a situation one might watch on Saturday Night Live.