Sunday, May 20, 2007

Holy Family Parish, Fernie, BC

I had the opportunity to go to Mass at a really beautiful Church today, at Holy Family Parish, in Fernie, BC. It's nice to see the old Churches kept up and restored, like this one has been.
They even restored the high altar, and I couldn't help but think this church would be a beautiful setting for the TLM when the Motu Proprio finally gets released. The tabernacle was front and centre, giving God the place of honour He so deserves.

The stained glass windows are all dated 1912, and each one commemorates a parish group or individual.

This photo shows the beautiful sanctuary with the altar table in front of the high altar. There used to be pillars, but they were removed years ago, during the rectovations of the 1970's. See how easy it would be to move the altar table for a TLM? I had that thought more than once during Mass, I must admit.

These two statues are on either side of the sanctuary, and unfortunately, the screen for the projected lyrics of the hymns obscures the Blessed Virgin. (Why would we need projected words when everyone has a hymnal?) There is also an empty choir loft in the upstairs of the Church at the back, but the choir is up front, very close to the sanctuary. They were really outstanding and even sang the Agnus Dei in Latin, something we seldom hear in our Diocese. When asked why they don't use the choir loft, we got this reply. "We are congregational singers, and we sing to the congregation. And we can't get the piano up the stairs."


Karin said...

What a lovely church...loved everything but the "projector screen"...that I see no use for Hymnals or not!

Shirley said...

Great pictures! I can only imagine how great the sound would be if the choir sang from the loft. Maybe someday!

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks for taking me there, Shirley! When I was listening to the choir sing the Agnus Dei in Latin, I couldn't help but think how nice they would sound if they learned Gregorian Chant. That would go well with their beautiful High Altar, don't you think? Of course, I mean from the choir loft. They wouldn't even need the piano!

hirley said...

Tell that to the piano player! I think he's in charge of that choir.

Vox Cantor said...

What, he can't play the organ?