Monday, May 14, 2007

SSPX Refused Access to Catholic Mission

Here's an interesting story about a Catholic mission in San Antonio that encourages ecumenical pilgrimages to its site, unless you happen to belong to the SSPX. The SSPX was barred from entering the mission on Saturday by park rangers who were acting under the authority of Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, the Archbishop of San Antonio. Not very ecumenical of the Archbishop, now, is it? Makes me wonder what would have happened if Jews or Muslims were refused access.


marilena said...

i found this disturbing. for a few reasons. one of them would be that if a jew or muslim was denied access, then there would be a public outcry. but when the SSPX is denied access, nothing is done about it. so it sounds sad you know? it really does.

seems to me like the archbishop went overboard. i mean if he can light a menorah, then why can't he let the sspx in? come on!

318@NICE said...

I believe we are in a Modernist controversy. Similar to the Arian controversy, when the Arians ruled most of the Apostolic sees and the Pope was pretty much held captive and Traditional Catholic Bishops who upheld the Truth were persecuted and thrown in prison and killed by these Arian Bishops at that time. This lasted for over a hundred years, but the True Bishops (though outnumberd at the time) continued the fight and in the end Arianism went away and the Traditional Catholics took the Church back and the Pope was freed again.
I believe that's why the SSPX is denied by this Modernist Archbishop.
St. Pius X pray for us.

marilena said...

indeed, Saint Pius X pray for us!

Anonymous said...

Biship Gomez is Opus Dei - and there is no love lost between Opus Dei and SSPX

paramedicgirl said...

So, Anon, do you think it's more of a personal vendetta? Last I heard, SSPX were Catholic. It seems incredible that a Bishop would say they are not.

Anonymous said...

Not personal at all - organizational I would say. SSPX published a booklet attacking St. Josemaria and the canonization process used - it was pretty strong.

I'm an SSPX'er with OD friends and am not thought kindly of by either group.

Marilena said...

Whether the Archbishop meant it personally or not, the fact is, the SSPX should not have been denied access. There is such thing as freedom of worship and assmbly.
That is in the constitution of the USA is it not? Same as in Canada.
They cannot be lawfully denied access as far as Iam concerned.
The SSPX is Catholic, and for anyone to state otherwise is not correct and its unfair for anyone
to assume that the SSPX is not Catholic. They had a right to go there, and they were denied their right by the Archbishop! If another group, NOT Catholic wanted to go, they would not be denied because if they were, there'd be a public outcry. perhaps there should be a public outcry by the SSPX itself. That'd be fair now wouldn't it? You betcha it would.
These modernists, or protestants who do not want the SSPX back in the fold are wrong for even thinking that way. We are as Catholic as anyone else, modernist or not. We have a right to assemble, and freedom of worship. no one can deny us that right. Not even the Archbishop. to do so is unfair.

Frank said...

I'd like to comment on this. I do not think it fair that the Society was barred from entering. This I do not understand? We are all Catholic, therefore, what is the problem? I see none to think of.

Anonymous said...

This was our seventh annual pilgrimage. Year after year they have taken a little away from us. This was the first year they have denied us access to ALL of the missions.

On that particular day - everything was as the article describes. When we came to Mission San Juan, the mission was initially unlocked. Fr. Zigrang was wanting to have a litany said in their. Somebody checked later and the mission was mysteriously locked.

It seems to me that this year there was more of an effort to keep us out of the missions. We've had media attention before - this is the first year we've recieved shuch cover on the blogs.

paramedicgirl said...

Anon, thank you for your comment. If you would like to, I invite you to write about your experience, and I will post it as a blog post. My email address is on my profile, if you choose to do this.

marilena said...

iam truly truly disappointed in this happening. truly. i think it is nice of you to invite anon for a post here. i think the decision to keep the sspx out of the mission was probably due to the TLM comig back. maybe it was the bishops way of opposing it, or opposing dialogue with the sspx. one can only speculate as to what the real reason behind it was. who knows. i'd like to know.

Seminarian Matthew said...

St. Pius X, ora pro nobis!!!