Friday, May 18, 2007

When God is Passing By

Here's an amazing story from Zenit News (scroll down to God in the Streets) about a Eucharistic procession through the streets of Rome that reduced everyone to silence every time the Sacred Host was elevated. It was the brainstorm of the Michigan-based Sisters of Mercy, and the inspiration for the procession came after they viewed a similar procession through the streets of New York on a vocations video called Fishers of Men.

"As if by sheer coincidence, the Eucharistic procession followed Family Day and converged with the feasts of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of the Eucharist, and then proceeded along a route taken by gay and lesbian rights activists protesting the Church and family the day before.
Each time the sacred Host was elevated, there was a palpable hush. In one instance, a waitress about to serve beer paused and dropped to her knees. On another side street, a group of men playing poker and drinking whiskey fell silent, while some made the sign of the cross."

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