Friday, June 08, 2007

Food for thought

Have you ever wondered if a banal, indifferently said Mass gives less grace and merit than a Mass said with reverence and devotion? I'm not talking about how Jesus is present in every Mass as the Victim of Sacrifice, but rather about whether the devotion with which the priest says the Mass can make it more acceptable to God. Would such a Mass bring more abundant graces to the priest who celebrates it and to the one for whom he offers it as well as to the laity who are present for that Mass?

St Bonaventure said, " All Masses are equally good, but as far as Christ is concerned one may be better than another. Therefore it is more profitable to hear the Mass of a good priest than of an indifferent one."

It makes sense then, that the more holy and pleasing to God a priest is, the higher regard God will have for his prayers and oblation. Greater devotion on behalf of the priest would translate into greater graces and benefits derived from the Mass he celebrates. Pray very much for our priests then, that they will always be able to say the Mass with reverence and devotion, so that it may be conducive to theirs and our own salvation.


AquinaSavio: said...

I really like that quote from St. Bonaventure!

Anita Moore said...

It may be more profitable to hear Mass offered by a good priest than by an indifferent one; but maybe there is some compensatory merit in hearing a poorly-offered Mass when that's all you can get, and you offer it up.

And too often...that's all you can get.