Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Signed, sealed & deliverd

Well, it's a Motu Proprio, just not the one the trads are waiting for. This one is to restore the traditional method of electing a Pope. Practice makes perfect!


Feathered Friends said...

some people at CAF really got us going with this one:)

Dr. Bombay said...

This is a good MP. Prevents those damned liberals from installing their boy with a simple majority vote. Yes, the libs might muster a majority, but I doubt they'll garner 2/3.

I still haven't recovered from the shock of two years ago when Cardinal what's-his-name walked out on the balcony. I about fell off my chair. Didn't know they sent him out to make the announcement. I thought one of the libs had won.

Of course, they could warn us about such things. It's not like a papal election happens every day.