Thursday, July 19, 2007

Full Bloom

More of my garden , my main hobby (outside of blogging, of course)

Yellow lilies, just starting to bloom.

I can't remember the name of this, but I do remember planting it. I think.

This pink bush is a Tamarisk, very lovely. It's young still, but will get quite large.

These purple flowers are volunteers that I decided to leave, just to see what they would turn out like. Can anyone identify them? Foxglove?

Red Astilbe, one of my favourites for low maintenance.


Karin said...

THos elovely purple flowers are in the Campunella (sp?) family...I have a similar one but it grows low to the ground.
ANd the 2nd pic. looks like an Echinechia (sp?) hybrid ..

jim klasz said...

I think picture two is Galliardia

paramedicgirl said...

Jim, you're right, they are Glliardia. I was trying to remember the name of them. Thanks!

Karin, I was wondering if those purple flowers were Campanula. They just showed up in my garden and I decided to leave them. Sometimes it's interesting to do that. A grab bag of surprises!