Saturday, July 07, 2007

I wonder if Bishop Trautman could be reached for comment?

I see our friends at the USCCB, always in the vanguard of promoting and defending Catholic Tradition, have already published a translation ("unofficial" of course) of the Motu Proprio and its accompanying letter.

I won't gloat, since I don't want to get spanked by Fr. Z. I'll just say quietly to myself....Yessss!

Now, let the real renewal begin....


Karin said...

Gosh I wonder what folks like Joysong at CAF are going to do now ;)

Anita Moore said...

This link you posted makes my browser crash every time I try it. I also crash when I go directly over to USCCB's site and try to access it there. Probably there's too much traffic over there right now.

But did they post their OWN translation? And if so, why, when there's already one out there?

Dr. Bombay said...

Anita, they also added a "question and answer" section at the end, which allowed them to make some catty remarks about the Old Rite. They do an unflattering side by side comparison of the old and new Rites too.

Let them have their fun. They've lost. I just don't think they know it yet.

Manfred said...

OK, some restrained exuberance, please.

Did anyone happen to notice the list of characters on the "left" of this article?


Question 7 on "rubrical or linguistic ability" gives the priests and bishops an out. I once asked a couple of elderly priests at my parish if they would ever want to say the TLM again; not really: they liked the NO's participation of the audience, er, laity, and both would have to learn the ritual anew. (I would've volunteeered to teach them, but that would've been way too presumptuous!)

Michael Leggett said...


Or Interpretation?