Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keeping the novelties where they belong

Now that the Mass of the Ages has been freed, I hope that parishes that aren't prepared don't step too quickly into implementing the Tradition Latin Mass without adequate preparation. Of course the altar boys would have to be taught Latin and trained in the old rite, (as well as the priest in most cases) and proper liturgical vessels and vestments would have to be supplied. But my biggest concern is education of the laity. The rubrics of the Traditional Mass are very important, and every gesture and prayer of the Mass carries significant meaning. For this reason, education must come first. Priests must instruct the laity about the importance of the rubrics and the weight they hold in the ancient rite.

Otherwise we will see well-meaning people (and maybe some not so well-meaning) try to impose the novelties and innovations of the Novus Ordo Mass onto the Traditional Latin Mass. People may very well not understand they can’t break out in applause for the choir, or engage in incessant talking in the Mass. Progressive Catholics who want to attend a TLM out of curiosity may demand girl altar servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, lay readers, and any other number of innovations so that they can bring the ancient Mass more in line with the current times. For them we are just stuck in time, holding fast to traditions that are outdated and their desire is to bring the Church in line with modern times. In order to prevent abuses from being heaped on the TLM, I hope that priests will take their time in preparing for the ancient rite of the Mass and do everything according to the rubrics, the least of which will not be instruction of the faithful.


318@NICE said...

Ideally, it would be good if the excommunications get lifted from the four Bishops of the SSPX. So that within a diocese, if there is an SSPX chapel that is already doing and set for the Latin Mass can be a center for those to come and attend that Mass. If they need to expand and build, then the Bishop would be obliged to assist. Then over time, like you said, former Novus Ordo Parishes can begin learning how to do these things again. But I think for a long while it would be a good way for both to live together in harmony without any interference.

Manfred said...

I suppose it IS possible for some aspects of the TLM to influence - for the better, of course - the NO, but, cynic that I am, I suppose it's more likely the "progressives" start innovating the TLM. Oh, it'll start at the grass-roots level, i.e., liturgy coordinators, music directors et al, and be ignored by pastors and the episcopate. After all, the bishop is "in charge" of the litugy in his diocese; if you don't believe me, just ask him!

I want to be SO wrong about this!