Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vacation Pictures

Here is a photo I took of the sea gulls lazing in the sun. The lake was like glass that day.

Campbell Bay, the secluded beach where we spent most of our time.

Tubing is for the dogs!

Heading over to Campbell Bay for the day.

The captain of the boat!

Packing up.


Karin said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!

AquinaSavio: said...


What kind of dog is that? Is it a shih-tzu?

paramedicgirl said...

Yes, he's a Bijon Shih-tzu. He's so portable because he's small, so he got to come on the trip, but I had to leave my collie dog behind this time.

Marilena said...

nice photos!

Vox Cantor said...

Paremedic Girl,

Have you considered photography as a career?


paramedicgirl said...

Vox, my favourite pic is the one of the sea gulls. The colour is beautiful in that photo, just the way the lake appeared that day. I'm in my career of choice already. There is nothing I would rather do than pre hospital medical care.

Vox Cantor said...

You do seem to love your vocation--but the first two photos are so good they could be a computer desktop--have you thought of submitting them to Microsoft???

paramedicgirl said...

Vox, I have the first one (of the sea gulls) on my desktop right now! I don't have a clue how to submit them to Microsoft, but if you let me know, then maybe I'll give it a try!