Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anonymous comments

What is with some people that they have to hide behind the mask of anonymity when they want to leave a nasty comment? It's like throwing a rock through a window and running before you find out if you hit anyone in the head with it. But I guess it serves a purpose for those who want to spew their vitriol without being identified.

In view of some of the nastier comments I have been getting from the link that an Organ Procurement person posted on his/her blog (in response to my post about organ donation), I have decided to close anonymous comments. Some of the comments are pretty hateful, others are plain frightening. Either way, they won't be gracing any space on my blog. I guess they didn't bother to read the Victory Rule.


Anita Moore said... seems you're responsible not only for putting this woman out of business, but for her not going to church. Betcha didn't know you had that kind of power!

I had to deactivate anonymous comments because anonymous jerks from my own parish were flaming my redoubtable prior. I don't mind them saying bad things about me -- the really good insults go into Victory Endorsements -- but leave my friends alone.

(Ironic that the ugliest things get said by members of my alleged parish "family," none of whom have the guts to say their piece to my face.)

Unitas said...

I'm a firm believer that people show their true selves when on the internet; when they're completely anonymous, and can act how they wish without reprisal.

So if someone's a prick online, chances are that that's how they really are. And they know it; why else hide behind "Anon" unless people will think you're an ass?

They are cowards, choosing anonymity because they know they're true selves are socially unnacceptable.

It's teh same way with people when they're on the road. They're sweet and nice to your face but once they're in that land-leviathan on the pavement, you're nothing but an obstacle, tolerance and patience go to zero. In their safe four-wheeled bubble they're anonymous, able to act how they trully are.

Divine Mercy said...

i thought what you said pm on that blog was good. i wouldn't worry about what others say about your opinion. if that person didn't like your post about organ donation, then all they had to do was get off salve regina if it bothered them that much. don't like something? leave. that is my humble opinion. its far better to not comment and simply leave if one wants to spout venom at others. just ignore the person.

Michael Leggett said...

I have found some Anonymous Types to be GUTLESS Weenies, hence I did away with those comments.

Cygnus said...

The only reason I have anonymous comments on my blog is so that my brother (who won't get a blog of his own) can leave posts. But I have my own version of the Victory Rule.

A few posts ago, I disagreed with PG, but I believe I was respectful as she and others were of me.

I welcome dissent on my blog, and I feel sorry for those who post on controversial topics and then say dissenters aren't welcome on the blog, as happened to me once. (I would post the link, but it's not worth it IMO.)

paramedicgirl said...

Cygnus, I don't have a problem with people disagreeing with me. It makes for a good discussion, and it's always good to have your views challenged when you post on controversial topics.

What I don't like is the nastiness of the hit and run comments. They are full of ignorance and hatred, and they never come back to continue the discussion in a civil manner.

It is the hit and run comments that I take issue with. I liken them to a drunk driver, leaving the scene of an accident after he maims someone, because he is too afraid to face the consequences.

:o) said...

I'm sorry you've been the target of some abuse. You could be happy in the fact that you can offer it up to Christ to suffer in some small way as He did.

May God bless you for your truthful and faithful posts.

318@NICE said...

Happens to me all the time. I have found out that on my blog usually the ones that comment Anonymous are liberal Catholics who hate Traditionalists, some (and i have good proof that it was a priest that hates the SSPX) were posing as Lutherans to try to sway me and disagree with me.
I mean, if you're a liberal and are in the Catholic Church, then come out and let me know that. But, don't pretend you're a Lutheran just because I used to be a Lutheran. How, I found out was that they began to say some things that Lutherans wouldn't and then said they didn't know things that would be basic to Lutherans.
Usually, when I have someone disagree with me and want to argue, its always Anon. I'm about ready to prohibit Anon's. But I know how you feel. I get a ton of hate mail.