Friday, August 31, 2007


I'm not a TV watcher, but today I happened to see an ad for birth control that I consider very deceptive. It's a product called Yaz, and they target young girls by telling them their product will help with moodiness, fatigue, bloating and acne. What young girl wouldn't be swayed by such claims? The message the advertisers portray is that the benefits of this pill go above and beyond its real purpose of acting as an abortificent, and they push it for its other properties that will make the teenage girl more inclined to try it.

There is an instant poll on their website that asks if a girl would take birth control to help with acne, and the results are overwhelmingly in favour of it.

Instant Poll Result

Would you consider taking birth control pills to help treat acne, if you were also seeking contraception?

89% said: Yes

3% said: No

6% said: Maybe

When you view their web page, you see young, healthy, happy teenage girls, with no acne or depression, promoting the product to their peers. But it is all a deception of satan. It is one of the most deceiving ads I have ever seen.


Karin said...

I tell ya PG,Satan must be jumping for joy when he sees s**t like this, and he must even jump higher when people fall for this garbage!

Unitas said...

I remember an ad here in the states for birth control where an animated ball and chain are shattered.

With that kind of symbolism you can't realy deny what these people think about children.

Adoro te Devote said...

Yeah..I took orthotricyclin for the same reason. Because medicine is all about masking symptoms...not treating the underlying condition.

YAZ is even's all about masking things as harmful as endometriosis by making life seem glorious by taking this one little pill...which, of course, also allows one to have sex indescriminately with as many parterners as desired.

Who wants to be bothered with being a women when one can go out and have lots of sex?

Have you also noticed that this ad completely contradicts itself? I can't rememember the phrasing...the next time I see it I'll try to catch the quotes about Satan's lies.

Jeannee said...

The other product in this category that upsets me terribly is Seasonale, which advertises just four periods a year. A dear friend of mine was test-marketed for that and, direct quote, called it "a living hell". Each period she either wanted to black out or go to the hospital's emergency room. She said the bleeding, in addition to every menstrual symptom, was compounded - four months into one period.