Thursday, August 30, 2007

If only the Vatican would speak out like this more often

It's great when the Vatican speaks out about the evils in our society, like this story where twins were aborted because one had Down's syndrome. The doctors mistakenly aborted the healthy twin, so the mother had the Down's twin killed as well, and the Vatican responded by calling the abortions an assassination.

In Ontario, where the Catholic School Board has released an anti-discrimination policy that threatens priests and teachers who try to uphold moral Catholic teachings on homosexuality, causing them to be painted into a corner when they try to prevent homosexuals from gaining employment in sensitive positions such as youth counselors and kindergarten teachers, so far the Vatican is silent. My guess is that this pro-gay policy falls under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Bishops, the same conference of bishops who refuse to follow the GIRM, and snubbed their collective noses at Pope Paul VI's encyclical, Humanae Vitae thirty nine years ago. It will be interesting to see what happens in Ontario when priests and teachers try to uphold the moral laws of the Church, only to be confounded and possibly removed by their very own Catholic school board policy.


Karin said...

This makes me sick!
What woman would do this to her own children? And what husband would allow hs wife to MURDER his own flesh and blood???

AquinaSavio: said...

This is scary...Canada is getting so bad!

The U.S. is next, I'm sure!

Karin said...

I have to agree Aquinasavio, the USA is not that far behind (sadly)

Shirley said...

Do the Canadian bishops really think that what they are doing is morally right? Do they even care or are they more concerned about being politically popular? My husband complains about politics in religion and this is a perfect example. Look at all the immoral things that are legal in Canada- and we were among the first to make them legal! I wonder if we are invoking the wrath of God.