Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Name

About nine months ago, a dear friend told me about a troubled young man who was entering a drug rehab program. She asked me to pray for him.

His story is a sad, and unfortunately, not entirely uncommon one. He was raised by detached parents who constantly belittled him; to the point where he doesn't see any value in himself and the life he lives reflects it.

Even though we'd never met, I decided to write some words of encouragement to him. As I wrote, I prayed asking Jesus to help me find the right words. It was clear to me throughout that He and His Blessed Mother were near.

In reading the poem later it occurred to me that the message is not just for this one young man, but for everyone. All of us have doubts as to our true worth. Some of us find false comfort in meaningless ventures and prideful materialism. Others sink into a depression, resigning themselves to a life of little significance. At the end of the day, however, only the God who calls to us day and night can put our hearts to rest...

My Name

I searched the depths within my soul
Unworthiness there loomed
The din of burdened days foretold
A life of tortured doom

Whence through the fog of vapid tears
Came forth a whispered name
Then straining all my might to hear
A voice to pierce my shame

Above the shrill of yester’s pain
The whisper yet grew clear
When as one washed in gentle rain
I felt my Lord draw near

My name He spoke repeatedly
In tones I’d never heard
At once a beckon “come to Me”
Consuming love His Word

Within the view of One so pure
My demons bid take flight
Yet drawn to stay by Mercy’s lure
I knelt within His sight

Relentless Lord who calls to me
With gaze of brilliant light
My every weakness His to see
And yet His love burns bright

The shadows cast by struggles past
Once lumined by the Son
Reveal a treasure unsurpassed
Redemption for me won

Amidst the echoes of dark days
No more shall I abide
Instead I’ll listen for my name
From Him who for me died