Monday, August 13, 2007

The new Hitlers

The holocaust of abortion is taking on a new trend, as doctors in Massachusetts are now injecting unborn babies with lethal drugs before they abort them. The doctors say it a legal defense tactic, aimed at ensuring the baby they are trying to kill isn't accidentally born alive. I wonder how these so called medical professionals sleep at night? Do they see images of tiny body parts, torn and bloodied, when they close their eyes? Do they ever wake up screaming in fear and disgust for their part in the murder of helpless little babies?

I doubt it. They are too busy counting their financial benefits to even consider giving their moral conscience a second look. They make Adolf Hitler look like a pansy.


Michael Leggett said...

What a bunch of NAZIS:
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Anonymous said... in the Nazi Commonwealth of Sodom and Gommorah, we legislate all kinds of 'wonderful' things! But where to go? Best to remain and at least stand for truth so there will be some faith left here.


Unitas said...


I'd love to see the "doctor's" face when one of his victims is born alive, screaming and gasping for air. Is there horror? Pity? Disgust? Apathy? Or just a mechanical sociopathic non-response?

How can anyone still call that a lump of tissue?

Is there a shred of humanity left in these people?

Seeing a dismembered, bloodied, tiny corpse as the fruit of your handiwork removes any possibility of invincible ignorance in my book.

For the sake of their souls, I pray they repent.

Sexual "freedom" at ANY cost.

Divine Mercy said...

this is just plain sick, and its murder!!!!!!!!