Friday, August 17, 2007

A Salve Regina welcome to Louie

It was a busy day on ambulance, so I didn't get to give Salve Regina's newest writer, Louie Verrecchio a proper introduction. He's a Catholic writer, (yes, a real writer!) and you can check out his work here. He's read and written about the documents of Vatican II, and he has a great sense of humour! That's always a plus with me, and I think with all of you as well. In case you missed it, or thought I wrote it, his first post is the one right below this welcome.


Louie Verrecchio said...

Thanks so much for the kind welcome. It's a real gift for me to be able to share some thoughts on our beautiful Catholic faith.

Ad Iesum per Mariam

paramedicgirl said...

I'm glad to have you on board, Louie. Your input will be appreciated. Thanks for joining!

AquinaSavio: said...

Salve! I look forward to reading your articles!

In Iesum, Per Mariam,

Karn said...

Louie... warm and heartfelt WELCOME!!!!!!

I look forward to reading your posts!!!