Thursday, August 16, 2007

Say it isn't true! I'm NOT a total traditionalist?

H/T to Happy Catholic

You Are 48% Feminist

You aren't a total traditionalist when it comes to gender roles. But you're no feminist either.
You generally think that women should be treated as equals, but you're not convinced the world should be gender neutral.


Divine Mercy said...

guess iam only 32% feminist.

You Are 32% Feminist

No one would consider you a feminist. You believe women should hold on to traditional gender roles.
Well, that's not the world we're living in anymore. Time to wake up to the 21st century!

my answer to the above statement that its time to wake up to the 21st century? BAH HUMBUG! haw!

Shirley said...

45% for me. Some scary questions in there!

Angela Messenger said...

I scored 50%. We might not be able to do it all but we can do a lot but not all at once.

Unitas said...

I got teh same thing as you PMG, I guess great minds do think alike. ;)