Thursday, September 27, 2007


The movers are here! They look like a bunch of escaped convicts, and it's kind of creepy being here with four of them. Where do they get these people anyway? I think I'm going to Google some "Most Wanted" posters and see if any of them fit the description. If you never hear from me again, well you know what happened!!!!

Oh, here's my new house at the West Coast:


Karin said...


It is lovely...truly!

House Blessing

God bless the corners of this house,

And be the lintel blest;

And bless the hearth and bless the board

And bless each place of rest;

And bless each door that opens wide

To strangers and to kin;

And bless each crystal window pane

That lets the starlight in;

And bless the rooftree overhead

And every sturdy wall,

The peace of man, the peace of God,

The peace of love on all.

Author Unknown

Hey do you play b-ball? Looks like a might nice hoop there in the front :)
and hey if I dont hear from you I know where to start looking...I am sure that you will be fine, I will keep you and your family in my prayers for a safe move!

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks, Karin, that's a beautiful prayer/poem. No, I don't play Bball - that was there the day I took the photo. (I'm a softball player, though). Neither is the black truck mine. I have an orange Mustang. It's going to be transported down in the moving truck, but I'm keeping the keys with me! Can't have these boys driving it over the weekend when they stop for beer and entertainment!

Karin said...


I knew the truk wasnt yours ... i do recall seeing a photo of you and the mustang :)

And good idea keeping the never know what those most wanted guys will try to do :)

:o) said...

What a pretty house! I love all the windows!

ignorant redneck said...


Don't worry about the movers--they all look like that!

Of course, they get hired after job tarining at San Quinten!

Divine Mercy said...

ha!! you have spare bedrooms for family! not that i ever travel that is...

Therese said...

lol. We have moved 4 times. Twice was by moving companies.

I love your new house. I hope you enjoy living on the West coast.

Does moving mean that you won't be on blogger much for a while?

paramedicgirl said...

Does moving mean that you won't be on blogger much for a while?

We are staying in hotels for three nights and they all have wireless internet. I'm just going to plug in my laptop and viola!! Internet! Don't you just love technology?

Divine Mercy said...

well, technology can be irritating if you don't have a genius around.. fortunately, i have frank! hee hee hee:)