Friday, September 21, 2007

Some sobering thoughts from the saints

Here are some quotes from the saints on hell, sent to me via email from a reader. We hear so little about hell these days, that it's good to come across the writings of the saints who remind us that yes, it does exist, and we need to follow the narrow path, and not succumb to the path laid out for us by the devil.

All persons desire to be saved, but the greater part, because they will not adopt the means of being saved, fall into sin and are lost. [...] In fact, the Elect are much fewer than the damned, for the reprobate are much more numerous than the Elect. St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

Bad confessions damned the majority of Christians. St. Teresa of Avila

That those who walk in the way of salvation are the smaller number is due to the vice and depraved habits imbibed in youth and nourished in childhood. By these means Lucifer has hurled into Hell so great a number of souls, and continues thus to hurl them into Hell every day, casting so many nations from abyss to abyss of darkness and errors, such as are contained in the heresies and false sects of the infidels. Venerable Mary of Agreda

So vast a number of miserable souls perish, and so comparatively few are saved! St. Philip Neri

We were so fortunate to be born in the bosom of the Roman Church, in Christian and Catholic kingdoms, a grace that has not been granted to the greater part of men, who are born among idolaters, Mohammedans, or heretics. [...] How thankful we ought to be, then, to Jesus Christ for the gift of faith! What would have become of us if we had been born in Asia, in Africa, in America, or in the midsts of heretics and schismatics? He who does not believe is lost. He who does not believe shall be condemned. And thus, probably, we also would have been lost. St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

If you wish to imitate the multitude, then you shall not be among the few who shall enter in by the narrow gate. St. Augustine

The saints are few, but we must live with the few if we would be saved with the few. O God, too few indeed they are; yet among those few I wish to be! St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

If you want to be certain of being in the number of the Elect, strive to be one of the few, not one of the many. And if you would be quite sure of your salvation, strive to be among the fewest of the few; that is to say, do not follow the great majority of mankind, but follow those who enter upon the narrow way, who renounce the world, who give themselves to prayer, and who never relax their efforts by day or night, so that they may attain everlasting blessedness. St. Anselm

They who are enlightened to walk in the way of perfection, and through lukewarmness wish to tread the ordinary path, shall be abandoned. Blessed Angela of Foligno

St. Teresa, as the Roman Rota attests, never fell into any mortal sin; but still Our Lord showed her the place prepared for her in Hell; not because she deserved Hell, but because, had she not risen from the state of lukewarmness in which she lived, she would in the end have lost the grace of God and been damned. St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori


Karin said...

These are great, perhaps this will make some people rethink things!

AquinaSavio: said...

Wow...that last one is pretty powerful.

Divine Mercy said...

things to ponder on for sure! excellent post!

Neil McKenty said...

Do we really need the threat of hell in order to lead a good life.

I go right along with the French priest who said he believed in hell but there was no one in it. Good on him.

Shirley said...

I like what St . Alphonsus De Ligouri says in his great book, Preparation For Death: "Spend every day as if it were the last of your life; and perform every action, every exercise of prayer, make every confession and Communion,as if they were the last of your life"

paramedicgirl said...

Neil, yes hell is real, and according to Jesus and the saints, there are many who go there. I think your French priest is wrong...

Karin said...


No hell? You need a threat to lead a good life?
I think your french priest has been dipping into too many bottles of french wine!

paramedicgirl said...

What Neil and the French priest espouse here is the new theology. Ever since the New church sprang into being, we have been indoctrinated with the new religion. You know, the "Everyone goes to heaven and all religions are equal" theology. These quotes from the saints are a wake up call to be sure. They are well grounded by biblical verses.

Karin said...

New Religion?
What was wrong with the old one? You know the one that has worked for millenia?
I really do not understand why people feel the need to change something that works to appease a small percent of people.
I hear the Protestant churh is looking for new members, perhaps the members of the new religion can you there!@

Therese said...

Why don't people want to believe in a Just God. Denying people in hell is denying a Just God. God is Justice and Love, not love on it's own.