Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lego Church

Sometimes the neatest things arrive in my email! And often they are from Manfred...These pictures are of an actual Lego Church that took a year and a half to build. (Someone really has a lot of time on their hands!)It measures about 7'x5' and seats 1,372 Lego people, and boasts 3,976 windows. It's made from over 75,000 Lego pieces. Pretty amazing, isn't it?


Karin said...

Oh yes, just a "tad" bit too much time :)

Christina said...

That's really cool!

Obviously the guys never been in a real church though, there are far too many people in the front rows ;)

ignorant redneck said... modern church architecture--some one needs a spanking

AquinaSavio said...

Ok, I used to be a LEGO fanatic, and I know how addicting it is (quite good for the mind, however). This is so cool!