Saturday, October 20, 2007

A story of repentance

One of the good things about moving is that you have to unpack all your forgotten items, and I've come across some pretty interesting books and other things I forgot I had. I've been setting up my reading room, putting all my books away, and I find myself spending more time reading than unpacking! One little booklet that really captured my attention is one that I read only once, years ago. It's called, Mama, Why did you kill us? and is the true story of a woman who aborted seven of her unborn babies, and her story of repentance and conversion. It has an imprimatur and nihil obstat and contains the story penned by a woman who asked a priest to publish it ten years after her death in 1945. It really is an amazing story, and now that I've taken time out to read the booklet and tell you about it, I have to get back to work. I have lots more books to go through!


Tom in Vegas said...

Of all the social issues the Church has taken a position on, the most vital of these is respect for unborn human life. If the Church had not taken this stance, it would be wholly unfit to carry out its sacramental responsibilities and moral guidance to the souls under its care.

I suppose - like everything in life both good or bad - you can refer to abortion as a “choice.” But, as others have mentioned and argued, my right to life SUPERCEDES your right to choose.

Sometimes I ‘m concerned about the future of the Church. I do realize that the Holy Spirit does guided it, and I take comfort in knowing the Church is imbued with His Presence. But can you even imagine what issues Vatican X might have to grapple?



Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Off topic, but I just wanted to say thanks for you covering my back over at that fraudulent "priests" blog.

Both you and Kasia ARE THE BEST!!!

Therese said...

Sounds like a great read. I will have to look into it and see if it is available here in Australia.

Tom in Vegas said...

Don't mean to stick my nose in a conversation that does not pertain to me, but who is the fraudulent priest?

I don't want to be misled by a charlatan posing as a man of the cloth.


paramedicgirl said...

Tom, try this link:

I'm not really sure about him, myself

Tom in Vegas said...

I went there and looked around. Without critiquing the content of his blog... YES, I do think that he is a COMPLETE and TOTAL FRAUD.


Tom in Vegas said...


I left a few comments for this so called "priest" on his October 24th post. He responded by ignoring the questions I posed to him and I, in turn, threw a rebuttal. You know, I've NEVER met anyone like him before. I don't know if to think of him as a hypocrite or a megalomaniac. You guys have seen this sort of thing before but I've never come so close to it as I did when I visited his blog (whatever "it" is). I guess it shows how naive I am.

The best thing to do is to leave him alone.