Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pay back time!!

You know those ages between eleven and fifteen where children suddenly think they are all grown up? They stop acknowledging their parents in public and decide they can't be seen anywhere near those old people, even going so far as to tell their parents not to sit near them or walk with them where their friends might happen to see them together.

One of my patients, a grandmother, told me how she turned the tables on her granddaughter, who was ashamed to be seen in public with her. Here's how you do it:

Next time you're attending an event with your child, just tell him or her to go on ahead without you. Be insistent that they don't walk beside you or wait for you. Ask them to sit several seats away, or even a few rows behind you. And tell them to wait for you at the car afterwards. This will naturally arouse their curiosity, and when they ask you why, just tell them how embarrassing it is to be seen in public with a teenager!


Tom in Vegas said...

What if in the process of telling your teenager to walk ahead of you or sit several seats over, you went and got a dog to take his place? Would that be too mean?


Divine Mercy said...


Therese said...

I think I am going to be taking this advise in a couple of years with Madeline.

Terry Nelson said...

LOL! That is funny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! i have lots of those! lol

AquinaSavio said...

As a teenager, I'm, like, quite offended by your lack of understanding. Don't you, like, know that all of us are, like, emotional wrecks and cannot be held accountable for our actions? Parents are always, like, pushing us around and are, like, sooooo annoying! Like, why does it matter soooo much if I, like, roll my eyes? You guys, like, put too much pressure on us! :P

Ha ha...couldn't resist. I think this is a very good idea and I hope my mom does it if I ever act like that. :D