Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wake up America!

If Hillary gets elected, then America will have Billary in the White House.

Do you really want to be looking at this face for the next four years? The ravages of political office are not kind to someone's attempts to age gracefully, are they?

For fun with faces, go here and try your hand at distorting faces.


ignorant redneck said...

Great, the only day of the week this time of year when i can eat whatever i want, and now I have no apatite.

Glad she ain't gonna have kids with Obama

Tom in Vegas said...

Oh goodness! This is the most malign and beastly representation of inbreeding I have ever seen.

Ol' Hillary is a bit miffed at MSNBC because one of its anchors reported that her campaign had "pimped out" Chelsea to do some P.R. for them.

Those poor Clinton’s. Even when Billy is keeping his hands to himself they are still described using some sexual innuendo.

Marilena said...

that is bill clintons face on his wifes body correct? what a hoot that is!!!! lol!!!

318@NICE said...

Those are TRULY scary faces.


Mark said...

I sent the top picture to my son who replied:

Well, they say that when you get married husband and wife become one...