Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Deception

I bought this statue of the Sacred Heart from a little Catholic shop on Rue du Petit-Champlain in Quebec City a few years ago. Beautiful, isn't it? It is hand made by the nuns who run the shop; in fact, they make all the statues with their own hands, and sell them in one of the busiest, oldest and most picturesque shopping districts in all of North America.

I was quite taken by a beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and planned on ordering it from the shop once I got back home. I tucked away the contact information and only came across it tonight while searching for something else.

I still remember the nun who sold me this statue; she was dressed in a light blue and white habit, reminiscent of the colours of the Blessed Virgin, and before handing my purchase over to me, she blessed the statue, making the sign of the cross over it just the way a priest would, while whispering a silent prayer. I thought that was really odd, so as soon as I got back home, I had my parish priest bless it.

Fast forward to tonight. I found their 2006 calendar, complete with incredibly beautiful sacred scenes that says they are all original paintings of their own members. The order's name is
The Apostles of Infinite Love, and I Goggled them to find out more about them. Something had struck me as odd about them, and sure enough, my search shows that they are a cult based out of Quebec, with a fake priest and brainwashed followers. The leader of their little group is Jean- Gaston Tremblay, who is well into his seventies, and who thinks he is the real pope.

I guess I won't be ordering that statue of the Blessed Virgin after all. I don't want to help fund their little ministry.


Shirley said...

I would probably get the statue blessed again! That story kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth.....

Tom in Vegas said...

What a let-down! You leave the shop with the best impression and it turns out that they are an extension of the Looney Tunes franchise. Anyway, now that a REAL priest has blessed the statue, you can sit in front of it and meditate and pray over all things Jesus Christ.

BTW, your instincts paid out.

Subject Is Roses said...

I have been reading dozens of articles in the past couple of weeks at Most Holy Family Monastery. The sedevacantist position taught by Father Michael and Father Peter Diamond (brothers) should be interesting to any Catholic, if you like to think, and if you know anything about church history, or care. It is very easy to call every religious movement that is marginal - 'oh-my-God-a-cult'. That is exactly the kind of misunderstandings which resulted in the persecution of the Christian church by the Romans and the Jews. I am not happy with Vatican II at all, and when people do some serious research, they find out that Catholic splinter groups are the result of heretical teachings approved by Rome for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

I was raise by those fake monster. Let me tell you they are like wolfe under cover resembling to a nice little cheap just like Our Lord Warn us saying that they will be toward the end of time many false prophet..... Yes they are nothing but a scan and are just looking for their pocket. With all the lie and so call prophecies calamitie that was supose to happend in the year 60-2008 Nothing had ever happend. They got rich and powerfull but the own children that got raise there like myself do not event have a high shcool diploma nor a carrier. Most of us had to run away that mean no money to start life with and no education. After year of child labor slavery all what we receive in a kick in the ass. They give food for 2 dolors to the "poor" food that they had beg but have no regart toward all the Man and Women that they towrn life appart.The have their say ho is not for me is againt me so we all fall in the categorie of Judas traiter and piece of shit. As a boy I got sexuely molested a lot among many other boys. I time that the true come back and on they air and in the sociaty to advoid other to suffer the same torture.