Sunday, April 20, 2008

Papa in New York

Here we see the Vicar of Christ greeting seminarians and various other youth. To his left and slightly behind, as befits a subordinate, is the Cardinal Archbishop of New York. That's what I call collegiality.

I like this one. It shows his cool red shoes.

Here's another good example of collegiality. Notice who's coyly peeking out from the background. Far in the background, as befits a subordinate. It's the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles. Heh.

Kiss the ring. If I could have without getting pistoled whipped by the Secret Service, I would have.

Aren't you jealous? Of course you are.


paramedicgirl said...

Dr B? You were there? Ok, I admit, now I am most definitely jealous!!

Marilena said...

i watched the papal mass in new york on CNN today, and suffice it to say, it was lovely, reverent, and very moving. his homily was most excellent. i wish the pope would come to canada!!!

Shirley said...

Great pictures! Love that smile!

Tom O'Toole said...

These are wonderful images. My brother, Fr. Bill O'Toole, was in attendance as well. Happen to see him? :)

Tom O'Toole
"DRUDGE" without the sludge!

Anita Moore said...

Sorry, Marilena, but I called dibs on him for Boise first! :)

Dr. Bombay said...

Tom, I think I did see him. He was the one dressed in black with the Roman collar? Yeah, I'm sure I saw him. :-)

Tom in Vegas said...

I sure wish I had been there!

I got the impression that his visit was somehow rushed. They had him bouncing from one place to another and back on the airplane before the applause and cheers were silenced. I know he's busy and has other responsibilities to attend to back at the Vatican. But I’d say a ten day visit (minimum) would have been more adequate to visit key Catholic populations here in the U.S.

Tom O'Toole said...

Happy to hear you saw Fr. Bill. Now a request if I may; my wife would like to know if she can re-print a photo you took from this post on our site, She has linked to you ... this post and at least one other. Let us know!

Thank you!

Lynne said...

Dr Bombay has a camera with a great telephoto lens. He was sitting behind me in the upper deck!

(just kidding, he wasn't sitting behind me but I was sitting in the scary/steep upper deck)

It was wonderful!

Dr. Bombay said...

Yes, Tom. Feel free to reprint the pics.