Sunday, April 06, 2008

Unknown Art

Browsing the internet for some really beautiful pictures of Mary, I came across these at a website dated from 1999. The first one displayed here, of the gifts of the Magi, is so beautiful, I set it as my desktop background. I have no idea who the artists are, so if you recognize any of these, please let me know. Enjoy!

This one, I like so much that I placed it in my header, with a little help from my sister, Shirley. A new look for Salve Regina.

I could have waited until Christmas to share this one with you, but why?


Marilena said...

beautiful picture on your blog. i love what you did with it!

Tom in Vegas said...

Those images are beautiful. Like you, I have an unswerving and profound appreciation for sacred art. Equally as important to me is sacred music.

These images are appreciated year round. So what if it's not Christmas:0)

Karin said...

I love all the pictures PG!
And I love the new look!

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks Marilena and Karin.

Tom, I like the way you have added music to your blog. There was one blog I used to visit for its sacred music, but he took it down. It was nice to just keep it playing while I browsed the internet. Sacred music and art are timeless, indeed.

Tom in Vegas said...

Thanks PG:0)