Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy, busy!

I have been delinquent about posting these last few days, but I have a very good reason. The weather has been great, and it's gardening season! I have been busy making up hanging baskets and flower pot displays. When they start to bloom, I will post pictures, as they should be very beautiful. I also bought a fuschia standard, which is a fuschia trained to be a small tree. It's the dark purple variety with red contrast. In the next few weeks, we are putting a pond and waterfall in the back yard. The climate here is quite temperate, so the backyard will host a banana tree (non edible) and a palm tree that will help to shade the pond. I have a statue of St. Anthony that is meant for a garden, and he will watch over things while they grow. Did I ever mention I love gardening?


Mark said...

Bananna? Palm?? I thought you lived in Canada!

paramedicgirl said...

Ah, Mark, but this is the West Coast. It is quite rainy, but the temperatures are a gardener's dream. It is 34 degrees today (Celsius)

ignorant redneck said...

My garden goes it's merry, vegatable way. I did plant some clematis and salvi, petunias, snap dragons etc.

But we should be eating our fist salad by the end of may, and the radishes should be getting ready.

Our climate though--is just nuts. It was 70 in january, then dropped to 18 that night, and then.... We can have anything from weeks of no rain and temps in the 90s-100s,in summer to below 0 (all farehneit) in the winter, with temps extremes from the 70's to the low teens single digits in a day. It's a challenge.