Monday, June 30, 2008

Bug chasers and gift givers

Have you ever heard of a bug chaser? If you just conjured up an image of someone swatting mosquitoes or racing after house flies with a rolled up newspaper, you need to read this.

What is a "bug chaser?"

A bug chaser is a gay man who deliberately attempts to contract HIV by having unprotected sex with a man or group of men who are known to have the virus.

What is a "gift giver?"

A gift giver is an HIV positive gay man who deliberately transmits the virus, often times to bug chasers, or those willing to contract it.

Bug parties are sex parties often ranging from a few to as much as 30 people. Unsafe sex with every participant at the party is encouraged. There are several variations of bug parties. At some, there is one member of the "orgy" that is HIV positive. Only this individual and the host know his positive status. The remaining participants know that there is an infected person in the room, but do not know his identity. The participants then partake in a night usually filled with alcohol, drugs and of course unsafe sex.

In other variations of a bug party, there is one person who is not infected with HIV, however the other participants are or may be. Every one is aware of the person who disease free. The HIV negative person then allows the infected guys to have unprotected anal sex with him.

What really irks me is the way our government is pushing the whole gay agenda on our children, indoctrinating them right from kindergarten in an attempt to normalize the gay lifestyle. In September of this year, all British Columbia grades will include brainwashing - err, I mean instruction- in health classes that teaches our children that gay marriage and gay sex is a normal and viable choice for them. This of course traces back to a 1999 - 2005 case of sexual discrimination in the British Columbia education system, where two gay activists were successful in their complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal that guaranteed the gay activists a role as consultants in developing the public school curriculum. Our bishops warned against this.

Discouraging, isn't it? It's a recipe for suicide. If you have children I bet homeschooling certainly looks attractive.


Shirley said...

Something that may be "normal" does not necessarily mean "right". Our politicians are spineless, and unable to protect our children. It is no better in the U.S. where one of the Whitehouse hopefuls openly supports infanticide.Stop the world and let me off.

Therese said...

oh my goodness. What the heck is wrong with people? Why would someone be a bug chaser?

Cygnus said...

You're being brainwashed, PG! There are no such things as "bug parties." Homosexuals are just being judged unfairly by us closed-minded paleosociocons.

Get with the program already!

Now don't you have a wedding at San Francisco City Hall to attend? Gavin Newsom is waiting. . . .

Anonymous said...

If these bug parties were real, which they are likely not(at least not on a massive scale)the people that attend them have been told by their god fearing parents that god hates them. The lesson to pay some mind: don't hate your children for being gay. Hate is much easier to create than it is to undo. If there is a god I'm sure He/She loves all of us despite our life choices. Passing judgment on things we don't understand is spiritual poison.

paramedicgirl said...

Anon, Christians don't hate gays, and they certainly don't tell their children that God hates them for being gay. You must not be familiar with the Catholic position on gays. It is to love the sinner but hate the sin. It is the sexual behaviour that we find reprehensible, and it is offensive to God when two people of the same sex act on their attractions to each other. Gays are called to a life of chastity just like single people are. This means no sex outside of marriage, and no sex with someone of the same gender.