Sunday, June 22, 2008

Diversity at the price of freedom

In Canada, all religions, sexualities, races, cultures and people are equal. Even if we do not all think alike, act alike and live alike, we must pretend that we do. Heck, we are just good little government robots, controlled by the strings of the Human Rights Commissions of each province. We are expected to be a tolerant multicultural society that extols each others preferences of religion and sexuality, no matter what they are. We are being censored.

As a result of the Macleans case that is currently before the BC Human Rights Commission, our government has just launched an independent review on hate messaging on the internet: (I have placed my observations in red).

Canadian Human Rights Commission Launches Independent Review On Hate Messaging on the Internet

(Ottawa, June 17, 2008) – The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) has launched a comprehensive policy review of how best to address hate messages on the Internet. Leading constitutional law expert Professor Richard Moon of the University of Windsor will conduct an independent study as an important part of this review. (Think censorship and control)

Speaking today to the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA), CHRC Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Q.C. said, "The current debate on how to balance freedom of expression with the need to protect Canadians from hate messages in the Internet age is an important one. We are confident that this review will provide insight into the issues and move the discourse one step further."(And will result in the HRC controlling what people say so they can further their own agendas.)

Growing public interest and continued advances in technology all point to a need to examine issues surrounding hate on the Internet. The Commission is dedicated to ensuring that the Canadian Human Rights Act remains effective. "Legislation must evolve – when necessary – to respond and reflect changes in society," said Lynch. (Please, please pray hard for the demise of the Human Rights Commissions!)

Professor Moon is a prominent expert on freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and religion, and the structural aspects of constitutional rights protection. He is the author of the seminal book, "The Constitutional Protection of Freedom of Expression". (Never heard of him, but if he is such an expert, then he must understand freedom of speech is a fundamental right).

He will conduct legal and policy research and analysis and make recommendations on the most appropriate mechanisms for addressing hate messages on the Internet, with specific emphasis on section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and the role of the CHRC. His work will include a review of existing statutory and regulatory mechanisms, an examination of the mandates of human rights commissions and tribunals, and a consideration of Canada’s international human rights obligations. (Section 13 deals with communicating any message that is likely to expose a person to hatred or contempt. There goes Leviticus and reading the Douay Rheims version of the Bible where Jesus calls sinners, “Broods of vipers”).

The review is to begin immediately and Professor Moon is expected to submit his report to the Commission this fall. (And shortly after, all Christian Canadian blogs will be under review for discrimination and hate mongering).

EDIT: Here is an interesting Catholic perspective on the totalitarianism that Canada is reeling towards, through the dangerous abuses of freedom by our own appointed Human Rights Commissions.


Cygnus said...

Didn't Amnesty International get started because someone in Portugal got in trouble for toasting freedom or somesuch? Why aren't they intervening in this? (I know, they won't.)

Otherwise, I just get more and more reasons why I'll never visit, much less live in, Canada. And I get more thankful for the First Amendment (at least for now).

Shirley said...

So is this the new Moony cult?
Are Catholics going to be able to charge people who say hateful things against them? Or does this act protect everyone except Catholics? There is no freedom of speech in our country the way it is now; this will make it unbearable.

Michael Leggett said...

This sounds like a Barrister Full Employment And Compensation Act:

I think that Will Shakespeare had the right idea about that August Group;

And The Gregorian MP3 Site's links are not working;

The Priestly Fraternity Of St Peter's site has Gregorian Chant, now up and playing on my site, again;

Michael Leggett said...

Now if I declare that I despise the Toronto Blue Jays, will I be under Provincial HRC Investigation?

Michael Leggett said...

And I'm back to my Quasi-Political, Catholic Self again, as I call a spade, a spade, whether the HRC or the ACLU likes it or not:

Tough if they don't like it!

Marilena said...

the americans have freedom of speech as a matter of fact, its law. we claim we have in canada, but that is a joke. if someone states an opinion about something they don't like publicly, even if its at a bus stop, and there happens to be someone there that might take offense to it, regardless of what our laws state about freedom of thought or expression, we can end up before the human rights commission, sued, or jailed. look at alberta's bishop fred henry. he has spoken out in defense of the church's stance on homosexuality, and he has been hauled before the human rights commission.
so the laws that allegedly protect our rights don't.
the law panders to those who it panders to. americans firmly believe in their right of freedom of speech. but we here in canada, well, when we exercise our right to it, well, wait for that phone call from the human rights commission. our laws here are a joke. i've said it before and i will say it again, canada is a morally bankrupt country.

ignorant redneck said...

I have watched what goes on in Canada for a while now.

And I can't help but notice--you guys have some really restrictive laws on weapons. And now, on speech.

It would be very hard for you guys to fight back--you must trust to the civil laws to protect you from the civil laws.

After watching your plight, I understand now why the 2d ammendment speaks about "the peoples right", not the rights of the "several states" or other constitutionally established entities to bear arms.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Catholic Insight faces attack on yet another front. You will also be interested to know Catholic Insight has been put on a Heritage Canada watch list for communicating Church doctrine it deems denigrating to homosexuals, Catholic Insight may lose it's postal subsidy as a result. Heritage Canada has no difficulty funding a Gay Pornography magazine receiving the same subsidy however.