Saturday, June 07, 2008


I have been delinquent about posting, haven't I? It's been a busy few weeks. It seems like I've been spending most of my time deleting spam emails to my Yahoo email account that I associate with this blog. The titles of these emails are designed to make stupid people think they have won a fortune, with headings like "Very urgent, please reply ASAP"; and "Need your immediate response." Oh, and here's a good one: "Winning notification from Mr Usman Kamal". Uh, yeah, right. Like I'm going to reply to a camel. I used to never get any spam at all in my Yahoo account, but for some reason, they have been cropping up like crazy lately. And I do mean crazy, as in they must be crazy to think anyone could be taken in by their idiotic schemes.

I once opened one of these spam emails out of curiosity and found it to be full of improper grammar and spelling mistakes, with this particular email pretending to be from a lawyer who, wouldn't you know it, wanted me to send him my bank account number so he could deposit money into my account. Hello!!! How desperately stupid are these con artists? I thought of blocking the email addresses, but each one comes from a different address, so they have obviously thought of a way around that already.

Does anyone know of a way to filter out this garbage?

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Frank said...

Gmail has a very good spam filter. Since I started using it, almost no spam messages have made it to my inbox. Just as important, no legitimate messages have been marked as spam. I use a non-Gmail address as my primary address. All messages sent there are forwarded to my Gmail address, from where I download them with an email client or view them with my browser. You probably already have a Google account that you're using for this blog. It should be a simple matter to activate a Gmail address.