Saturday, July 05, 2008

Make your voice heard

Lifesite News has an online petition to rescind abortionist Henry Morgentaler's Order of Canada award.
Please go here to sign if you are English Canadian,
La présente pétition est à l’intention des résidents canadiens uniquement,
and American and international signatures are being accepted here. I hope everyone who reads this will take a few moments to register their name on the petition. This is an international effort to influence our Prime Minister to do the right thing and rescind an esteemed award that has deeply offended Canadians who do not want this type of recognition awarded to a baby killer.


Shirley said...


Marilena said...

done. and man, iam glad i could add my comment!

Cygnus said...

I don't have the greatest amount of faith in the effectiveness of online petitions, but I signed anyway.