Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On praying badly

Here is a quote from St John Vianney that I found over at Cygnus' blog. If you have ever lost focus during your prayers or said them out of habit, or even just said them to get them over with and out of the way, you need to read this. It sums up very neatly how neglecting prayer leads to hell.

"We can see too how much the Devil fears those who pray, since there is no moment of the day when he tempts us more than at prayer. He does everything he possibly can to prevent us from praying. When the Devil wants to make someone lose his soul, he starts out by inspiring in him a profound distaste for prayer.

However good a Christian he may be, if the Devil succeeds in making him either say his prayers badly or neglect them altogether, he is certain to have him for himself. If you wish to understand this even better, consider since when you have been unable to resist whatever temptations the Devil put in your way and since when you have left the door of your hearts open to the four winds--is it not since you began to get careless with your prayers, or have been saying them from habit, by routine only, or just to get rid of them, and not to please God?

Yes, my dear brethren, from the moment that we neglect them, we move with big steps towards Hell: we shall never return to God if we do not have recourse to prayer. Yes, my dear children, with a prayer well said, we can command Heaven and earth, and all will obey us."

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Christina Martin said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I really needed it.