Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A sad day to be Canadian

Today is Canada's birthday, and to celebrate this historic day, our very own Governor General handed the nation's most prestigious award to baby-killer abortionist Henry Morgentaler. Speaking for our nation, Governor General Michaƫlle Jean honoured Henry Morgentaler "for his commitment to increased health care options for women, his determined efforts to influence Canadian public policy and his leadership in humanist and civil liberties organizations."

Why do I feel like I have been stabbed in the back? Today I am embarrassed to be Canadian.

LifeSite News has several articles on this travesty, along with an email address to express your concerns to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I wrote an email stating how appalling this decision is, and I urge all Canadians to do the same. Please ask Stephen Harper to retract the Order of Canada from Henry Morgentaler.

To express concerns:
Conservative Leader
Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Shirley said...

I was just about to do a post on this. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? I can't believe it. I think I'm going to throw up.

Adrienne said...


Cygnus said...

Yes, sad, but hardly surprising in the country where hauling people before kangaroo tribunals because of what they think is seen as a Good Thing.

Not that we in the States have it all that much better.

Also, I've always thought that Harper was the leader of the We're Not Quite As Liberal As The Liberals So Please Don't Hate Us party.

Marilena said...

mom has never liked henry morgantaler for as long as i can remember. i will write mr harper and request he with draw the award and the nomination. whether he does or not, who knows, but i will write him. see, canada is a modern day sodom and gomorrah. the only way it will change is when Christ returns in glory and cleans up the world. until that happens, one must continue to pray for sinners world wide.

smiley007 said...

So true. I had the ability to apply for citizenship this year to Canada. I thought long and hard about it and I took a step which will annoy most of my relative and family.
I work here, I pay taxes here, but i will be damned if i ever vote for the anti-Catholic people in office.