Friday, April 17, 2009

Development & Peace - Unmasked

LifeSite News does a great job in unmasking the hypocrisy of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. I stopped donating to Development and Peace in the year 2000, after they were exposed for donating $140,00 to a radical, feminist, anti-life and anti-family event called the World March of Women. I remember well the hard stares I received from those collecting money for Share Lent and Development & Peace when I voiced my reasons for discontinuing my monetary support of this questionably Catholic arm of the CCCB.

This time, Development & Peace has been exposed for supporting pro abortion groups in Mexico, to the tune of over a million dollars. Is this where you thought your money was going when you stuffed the D&P envelope with your hard earned cash?

I just have one question - how can Development & Peace be allowed to continue to solicit donations from Catholics during Lent? Oh, I know, it's because D & P is an arm of the CCCB - the very same arm that is reponsible for the Winnepeg Tragedy (the incident where our bishops refused to acknowledge the encyclical of Pope Paul VI, Humane Vitae that deals with the sanctity of life.) It all makes sense now, doesn't it?


Shirley said...

They don't get any of my money either. Good job done by LifeSite News in exposing this fiasco.

Cygnus said...

Some courageous people have been taking on the Campaign for Human Development here in the U.S. for many of the same issues. I haven't supported them for years.

Anita Moore said...

So this is the Canadian cousin of the Campaign for Human Development, concerning which I posted an expose back in November. The CHD supports everything from ACORN (though it supposedly withdrew that support after a bout of bad publicity) to New Agey outfits; most of the money goes to rabblerousing -- whoops, I mean, "community organizing."