Monday, May 11, 2009

My Sunday

Yesterday we took a boat cruise up to Indian Arm from Vancouver on a three decker ship/cruise line. Indian Arm is part of the Burrard Inlet that stretches up past Port Moody. It reminds me a lot of Kootenay Lake, which I'm sure my sisters will attest to when they see these pictures. We had forgotten to bring the camera, so I took these pictures with my cell phone, and I am surprised at how good they look.

Here is one of many waterfalls we saw. The captain of the boat was able to nose right up to this waterfall, but my picture of that didn't save.

This is the oh-so-recognizable skyine of Vancouver as we were leaving the harbour. Some of you may have been to the Harbour Towers restaurant shown in the photo. It is the circular rooftop restaurant shown in the middle of the photo. It rotates 360 degrees for a full panoramic view of the city. The next time my sister comes to visit, I think I will take her up in the glass elevators for a nice dizzying lunch at the top of the city!

This is a view of well-known Stanley Park.

Here is one of the old powerhouses that used to supply power to the area we visited.

It was a wonderful little excursion to go on, and a nice thing to do on a Sunday after Mass.


Shirley said...

Not gonna happen. No glass elevators.Not now. Not ever. (Maybe.)

Shirley said...

By the way, nice photos! Looks like you had an enjoyable day!

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley, the worst (or best) part is the glass elevators. The restaurant turns so slowly that you don't even know you are spinning around. The view is incredible!

Aussie Therese said...

there is a revolving restaurant in Adelaide. I would love to go and eat there and see the panoramic view of Adelaide.

If I ever get to Vancouver I would love to go there too. Maybe we could get Shirley in the elevators between the two of us pmg if she wouldn't go on her own.

I love glass elevators.

Marilena said...

beautiful photos! err.. never a glass elevator for me... no way! regular elevators are bad enough! i keep thinking they'll drop when i get in em. no thanks man!

paramedicgirl said...

Therese, if you ever make it over to my neck of the woods, definitely get a hold of me! We will go the the Latin Mass and then head up the glass elevators to the spinning restaurant!

Aussie Therese said...

okay. Looks like we will need to escort Marilena up them too.

Marilena said...


you couldn't even get me in a glass elevator high up between 2 people. i have horrid claustrophobia! its bad enough to get me in one, but not a glass one nope. i hate em. they look fragile and that creeps me out.