Monday, May 04, 2009

Well, she did ask...

As I walked in the door this afternoon, the phone was ringing. I picked it up to find a political party on the other end, trying to solicit my vote in our upcoming provincial election. This wasn't just any party, mind you, it was the pro-choice, pro-homosexual marriage, pro -just about everything the Catholic Church does NOT stand for party that goes under the guise of the New Democrats.

I experienced a brief moment of joy, similiar to what happens when I see the Jehova's Witnesses walk up the path to my door. The last time they were here, I invited the two lovely JW ladies back for a discussion on hell, how Jesus actually died on a cross and not a torture stake, and a disclosure on just how it is that they came to believe that Jesus is really Saint Michael the Archangel. That was a month ago. I haven't seen them since.

But I digress. The telephone campaigner wanted to know if they could be assured of my vote, and asked me if I would be voting NDP in the May 12 election. I told her that I was very familiar with the platform of the NDP and she eagerly asked if I had voted for them in the past. I told her that yes, I had made that mistake once in my youth, but I would not ever repeat it. She wanted to know why, so I took the opportunity to let her know that I cannot in good moral conscience vote for a political party that promotes homosexuality and abortions.

She couldn't hang up fast enough. I don't even think she said goodbye.


Adrienne said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall!!

Micki said...

Thank you for posting a comment on my blog. For some reason you were off my "links." I am so putting you back on have so much of value to read here that I'll be back asap.